Unprivileged User Views

Relatively new to RT, so looking for some feedback/quidance on Privileged/Unprivileged users. We would like the bulk of our users to be Unprivlieged, but that only presents the Selfservice portal. We currently use a system that requires users to submit info to mandatory fields such as phone #, Office location etc. and while we can create mandatory fields, we can’t seem to find a way to incorporate those into the self service side of things. Is this even possible?

Are these Custom Fields? If so, you can go into the Queue admin interface (Admin->Queues and select the queue you want) and then use the Group Rights tab. In there click on “Unprivileged” on the left hand group list and then “Rights for staff”. The top ACL in that is “Add custom field values only at object creation time” (aka SetInitialCustomField). Setting that should mean that unprivileged users can set the initial value for a custom field, but can’t then edit it, etc.

Thanks very much…that did the trick!