Unprivileged User unable to view tickets

We have a self service portal user who has an active registered account in our RT instance (5.0.1). She has been able to submit tickets in the past, and when I check her user account, I do in fact see 8 tickets that she has submitted. 2 of the 8 tickets are active, and yet when she logs in with her account and attempts to list her open tickets or closed tickets, nothing gets listed. She even attempted searching on a ticket # that is active and submitted 3 days ago…which I can see myself as a manager of the queues, but nothing gets kicked back to her.

Your self service user needs the SeeTicket right for their tickets, one way of giving this right is by granting SeeTicket on the Requestor role

think I figured it out. I had inadvertently removed the ‘view ticket summaries’ from the global Group role of requestor. Adding that back seems to have fixed it