Unable to see RT standard user fields on the User Summary Page

Hello Everyone,
I’m looking for some help on why our RT users can not see some of the standard user defined fields on an RT account on the User Summary page. We use an LDAP sync to fill in various fields including Address1 and Work Phone but when you click on a user name to see the user information those fields are showing but the value are not showing. We can see that there is data in them because as a root user we can see it in the account itself. Or we can open a ticket, click on a user account and go to the User Summary Page and see it. As a non-root user, we can see other fields that are sync like Email, Real Name, Organization.

Does anyone know where we can see the permission settings for those fields? We don’t see them in any of the custom field areas. Probably because these are system defined fields.

Thanks in advance.

If you go to Admin->Custom Fields and select one of the user custom fields you want to see you should be able to then go to the Group Rights tab in the page menu and give whichever groups you want the rights to view/add/create/delete etc the custom fields and values.

Thanks for the response.
These are built in fields that Best Practical setup for example Work Phone and Address and I don’t see them in the custom field section where we’ve added our own. And the staff can see the field in the user summary, it just isn’t showing the data that is in the field. But if I go to the users account I can see that there is data in those fields.

Hi Bob
That does sound strange indeed!
I have not seen that particular issue and I believe you are correct - there likely won’t be a place to change permissions for built-in fields like that (though it was a good idea, as thats the behavior it sounds like).
Are you perhaps running any plugins that might change field display behavior?

Thanks Brent.
Just out of curiosity are you using Work Phone or Address1? If so I assume you don’t have any issues seeing them on the User Summary page? We are running version 5.0.1.

Whoops. Sorry, Bob!
you were clear from the start (even in the title for crying out loud!) but I (mis)read that as User page, not User Summary tab.

It looks like the summary tab is abbreviated and doesn’t contain all those fields (basically just name and email)

The “Basics” tab contains the full info (for me, having full admin rights).
Interestingly (I never noticed this before now), but the “Basics” tab disappears when viewing the User Summary tab, replaced with “Edit”. Clicking on any other tab (Auth Tokens, History, Memberships, etc) makes the “Basics” tab re-appear.

My apologies if you already know this, but you could edit it to show what you want. The URL is /User/Summary.html, so the file can be located in share/html/User/Summary.html.
Copy it to local/html/User/ before editing so future upgrades wont overwrite your changes.
(I recommend ALSO making a Summary.html.orig copy before editing so you can easily run a diff between it and new RT versions to see what has changed and merge it easier)
Looks like there are some callbacks in there you could leverage, or just write directly.

Alternatively, there is an “RT-Extension-UserDetails” plugin that I use a lot - adds a

element on the ticket display page that can be expanded to show user into. I modify the template heavily to show custom fields and hyperlink stuff to other systems, it’s pretty convenient.
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So after some more playing it has to be a permissions thing somewhere. So as my root account, I of course see all the field values for any of the users in the system. But as my everyday user account I can see the field values of my account but I can’t see the Work Phone or Address1 values for other people. The other field values are there, Real Name, Email, Organization, and some custom fields with fill with university specific details ID number, title, etc