Unable to retrieve mail


We have successfully set up the server and can send mail from RT5.0.0 to a user, however, we can not get mail into RT. The error message is as follows:
http request failed 500 Can’t connect to itupport.xxxxx.xx.xx ( certificate verify failed)

I have confirmed the username and password - but don’t see where to configure the certificate?


You shouldn’t need a username and password for piping mail from the RT to machine into RT. The email is actually delivered via HTTP(s), its the rt-mailgate configuration that you setup ( Usually the etc/aliases file ).

I assume if you’re using HTTPS you have a selfsigned certificate on your webserver?

What I do for my RT is instead of using the domain name associated with my RT, I use localhost and trust the connection:

bugs: "|/opt/rt5/bin/rt-mailgate --queue bugs --action correspond --url http://localhost"

If you want to use your domain you can add the following to the mailgate command:


Hi @knation - thanks for the reply!

I’m coming into this at the 11th hour - so I am not sure how things were actually set up. I will have a look in the file you mention and report back!