Unable to remove users from groups

Hi everyone.

I’m running RT 3.2.3 on a Debian sarge box. We’re using Apache 1.3 and
mod_perl and Postgres for the database.

Everything is working fine, except for one thing: If I try and remove a
user from a group, I get stranded. From the web interface, the browser just
sits and sits and sits. Eventually it will time out and if you go back and
look at that group, the user didn’t get removed from the group.

If you watch the server from the command line while this is happening, you
get this:

29108 www-data 14 0 108m 106m 26m R 88.4 10.6 0:45.66 apache

This tells me that apache is taking up 88.4% of the processor. Even after
the browser times out or if the user hits the cancel button on the browser,
Apache will continue to suck up close to 90% of the processor. If you
restart Apache, it settles back to normal.

Any ideas?