Unable to logout + SelfService problems

When logged in to a non-privileged account, I can see my list of open & new
tickets, but none of the links from the page seem to work. If I click on
any link on the page, it changes the URL, but the same page displays.

This includes the Logout link.

I have checked the browser cache settings, it is set to not cache pages.

Using: rt 2.0.11
psql 7.1.2
apache 1.3.22

What could cause this, and how do I make it work?



Rick Ford
Technical Coordinator, CITT

At 02:37 PM 1/22/2002, Alesh Mustar wrote:

Which browser are you using? Are you using a proxy?

I have seen the problem in Netscape 6.2, IE 5.5 & Opera 6 all running under

Have you checked apache logs for anything suspicious?

Well, someone has been trying to access cmd.exe on my Linux server, but
there are no log entries that appear relevant to RT.

Rick Ford
Technical Coordinator, CITT