Unable to find any option to delete an message from the RT Queue

Hi ,

            As shown in the below screenshot , in a Request Tracker Ticket Queue a message has been added which later seemed to be redundant .

But there it seems to be impossible to find any option to delete this message from the RT Queue . Can anybody help regarding this ??

Nilabja Saha


You will want to use RT’s shredder tool. This tool has the capability of removing tickets, users, attachments and objects; in your case, I think you want to remove a particular transaction, which falls under Objects.

Each transaction in the ticket history looks a bit like this:

# 2018-02-25 15:20:24 barton - Comments added 

If you right click on the hash sign #, and click Copy link address you can get a link to this comment. The URL will look something like this:


10000 is the ticket number

123456 is the transaction id – this ID is what you’ll need to shred the transaction.

In RT, go to Admin > Toools > Shredder.

At the bottom of the screen, there’s a drop down menu labeled Select plugin:. Select Objects.

This will bring up a list of ARGUMENTS. One of the arguments in the list is Transaction:. Enter the transaction ID that you recorded from the URL, and click Search.

You will see a couple of check boxes appear at the bottom of the screen, which allow you to precisely specify what to shred. One will look something like this:


Click that check box, then click the Wipeout button.

You should see a message that looks something like this:

SQL dump file is '/opt/rt4/var/data/RT-Shredder/20180225T203933-0001.sql'
objects were successfuly removed
executed plugin successfuly
see object list below

The SQL dump requires that the directory /opt/rt4/var/data/RT-Shredder/ is writable, if I remember correctly, you’ll get a warning message if it’s not; talk to the system administrator of your RT system if you get such a warning message.

If you need to shred tickets, there’s a Shredder option in the Feeds menu in the search results; this is a fast and flexible way to shred multiple tickets.

Hi ,

    Thanks for the help !!