Unable to create users


at last were able to setup RT in Oracle 10g, after manually adding the initial records, scripts, etc. in the database. All went well except when I did few checking and found out I cannot actually add users even using the root with set SuperUser rights. Below are the errors Im getting whenever attempting to create users. Maybe some people already encountered same prob. Would really appreciate some suggestions that I might be missing in the configurations. Many thanks.

[Thu Aug 11 12:51:07 2005] [crit]: Couldn’t add the user to his own acl equivalence group: (/opt/rt3.4.2/lib/RT/Group_Overlay.pm:591)

[Thu Aug 11 12:51:07 2005] [crit]: Couldn’t stash the user in groupmembers (/opt/rt3.4.2/lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm:277)


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Hi all,

We are in the progress of implementing RT3 for our support desk.
The powerfull features are a very welcome addition in our
professionalisation process.

However there is something missing (or at least we can not find it).
For every customer we want to safe configuration and contract data.
Currently this is done in a portal environment but it would be more
convenient if we could do this within RT3. Is there any possibility for

In case not is there anybody who has any experience with this in combination
with for example Mambo?