Unable to add group members when using ldap overlay

I am using RT 3.6.1 with LDAP overlay (Jim Meyer’s) and I just noticed a
ldap user (recently created) could not be added to a group since it does
not appear in the user list.
Any ideas ? How can I have ldap users shown in this list ?

I just found out what was causing the problem. That was happening
because I had a custom RT.pm (local/RT_Local.pm) where ‘Nobody’ was
translated to Portuguese: ‘Nenhum’. Even though I had changed that entry
in the database to reflect this new value, that would cause other things
to stop working such as member list in “Add group member” operation.
I would like to see ‘Nobody’ internacionalized in RT and it seems like
the approach I took was not the right one.
Any suggestions ?

Dario Luis Coneglian Oliveros wrote: