Ubuntu Server RT 5.0.2 Install Issues

Okay so I’m a Windows Server Admin for over 20 years and I just cannot get RT5 installed on Ubuntu Server. I’ve followed the instructions from RT site as well as blown that away and tried other install manuals.
I’ve gotten so far but when I run make testdeps I have very many dependencies that are reported as Missing. When I run Make fixdeps each and everyone of the installs fail with the error: "Use of uninitialized value $ext in pattern match (m//) at ./sbin/rt-test-dependencies line 403.
command: ‘Apache::Session’
sh: 1: Apache::Session: not found.
I’ve been running in circles trying to fix this. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Are you using cpan or cpanm to install the RT deps? If they’re all failing, what happens if you try to install one manually?

Actually I’ve decided to do a Red Hat install. And I’m having issues with that as well. So far I’m not all that impressed with Linux.

Good luck. I was in the same situation as a Windows admin. Installing RT was pure hell. I had to learn a bit of Perl in order to install all the dependencies manually. THEN I had to learn Apache and how to install modules in it. I did eventually get it installed on Ubuntu, though. God speed.

I see this posted a lot, I don’t believe you really need to know Perl at all to get RT up and running. It makes sense that you need to know Linux/Web server setup (Apache) and the Perl tooling if you’re trying to install RT so coming from a Windows background it is a lot to learn.

If you’re looking for quick and easy there are amazon AMIs you can spin up to have RT up and running. You will likely still need to do some reading into mail setup and such though

Also Best practical offers hosting which is worth looking at