Ubuntu Server RT 5.0.2 Install Issues

Okay so I’m a Windows Server Admin for over 20 years and I just cannot get RT5 installed on Ubuntu Server. I’ve followed the instructions from RT site as well as blown that away and tried other install manuals.
I’ve gotten so far but when I run make testdeps I have very many dependencies that are reported as Missing. When I run Make fixdeps each and everyone of the installs fail with the error: "Use of uninitialized value $ext in pattern match (m//) at ./sbin/rt-test-dependencies line 403.
command: ‘Apache::Session’
sh: 1: Apache::Session: not found.
I’ve been running in circles trying to fix this. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Are you using cpan or cpanm to install the RT deps? If they’re all failing, what happens if you try to install one manually?