Two questions about logging in with the API

Hello all,
I’m working on installing a CRM, and my boss wants to see how much linking we can do between it and RT. At first, he just wants a link on the CRM page for each of our customers, leading to a page on RT listing open tickets for that customer.

In looking into how to do this, I thought I’d find a standard API doc, and I mostly did. Logging in is the odd one. There’s no endpoint for it, just a note to use wget and write the session variable to a text file. This seems strange to me, and I’m hoping things have changed and the wiki was just never updated. How do I log in with the API under RT 4.4.1?

My other question is about keeping a user logged in. If I log a user in on the CRM so I can grab their tickets, is there any way for me to make that user logged in on RT itself? Right now, if I had a link to a customer’s tickets, clicking that link would cause the user to have to log into RT. Ideally, I would silently log the user in once they log into CRM. Is this possible? Note that I don’t just mean a login for the API, but a login so going to the RT site doesn’t require them to enter their username and password.

Thanks for any thoughts on either of these!