Two mailboxes with RT and Postfix

Hello there!

Due to some circumstances, I have to use two mailboxes to send messages.
I have plenty of queues and for some of them I gotta use one and for the rest a second mailbox.
They both have office365 as a relay host, but mailboxes come from different domains.

I am using Postfix as a mail server.

My general question is how to config Postfix to manage two mailboxes and make it work with Request Tracker.
To be more specific:

  • how to define which queue has to use correct mailbox to send mails from?
  • how to attach second mailbox to postfix?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi @socmati

mailboxes are for incoming mail, accounts are for sending mail. So assumable you want to use different accounts to send mail out. This ist done via mailrouting based on sender-domain.

To set the right sender domain use the template “From:” header and some postfix configuration. Maybe the “Reply Address” in Queue-Basic configuration will do the job, too.

How to set up mailboxes depends on your host-configuration. As default every shell-user has a mailbox. It is possible to use virtual mailboxes and it is possible to use aliases or valiases to use several incoming adresses and use this information for injecting in RT. The decision depends on your setup and on your ability to manage and troubleshoot the setup.

Overall your question can not be answered easy because there are many solutions depending on your existing environment.

Some references: