"Tutorial on Creating ScripConditions" in RT Hacker Guide

Is the “Tutorial on Creating ScripConditions” in the RT Hacker Guide still
valid for RT 3.0?


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I’m just a beginner myself, in this regard of scrips. But see:

It seems there are two methods – one writing some new code
into the underlying libraries, and one sticking code into
the database via web pages.

The way I read it (please – someone correct me if I’m wrong!)
if you want to make a standalone ScripCondition, that could
be used (maybe with arguments) in more than one Scrip, then you
need to write the code as in the Hacker’s guide or the NotResolved
wiki article. (Mind you, I don’t know if the Hacker’s guide is
correct for v3, but the sql tables look similar, so it’s
probably close). But if you just want to make a single new
Scrip (the full combo of condition-action-template) and you want
this single new Scrip to have a custom condition (and/or custom
action), you can fill in the code in the web page under New Scrip.

If I’m right, then using the database is simpler, and easier
when you upgrade RT versions. But it only applies to a single
scrip, so you don’t get any code reuse for other scrips.