Turning off inline editing for emailed dashboards

We’ve been playing with RT emailed dashboards (saved searches) for some reporting to users who don’t normally interact with RT much. We’ve hit a few gotchas (such as Microsoft Office365 stuffing up the flex display CSS on emailed RT dashboard output) but one thing we noticed has an easy fix.

When a dashboard is emailed out from a system where inline editing is turned on in RT5, some non-web browser based mail clients and apps make a mess of rendering the output. Office365 web mail looks fine for example but the Gmail android app and the Outlook Windows client mess up the table layout. We wanted to leave inline editing on in general and just have it turned off for emailed dashboards.

I noticed that the /opt/rt5/sbin/rt-email-dashboards already has an internal config override to stop JSChart from appearing because email clients couldn’t handle that. So I added a line to override the InlineEdit config variable and turn it off for the duration of running this script, which seems to work fine. The patch is:

# diff -c /opt/rt5/sbin/rt-email-dashboards /opt/rt5/local/sbin/rt-email-dashboards
*** /opt/rt5/sbin/rt-email-dashboards	2021-02-26 14:41:13.915225735 +0000
--- /opt/rt5/local/sbin/rt-email-dashboards	2021-07-27 17:20:02.894087190 +0100
*** 92,97 ****
--- 92,100 ----
  # Disable JS chart as email clients don't support it
  RT->Config->Set( EnableJSChart => 0 );
+ # Disable inline editing as email clients don't support it
+ RT->Config->Set( InlineEdit => 0 );
  # Connect to the database and get RT::SystemUser and RT::Nobody loaded

I’ve reported this on the RT bug tracker with the above patch - ticket 37207.