Trying to get ResolveSendsReply to work with 3.6.4 (Solved)

I “Solved while writing” this, it seems I had to restart Apache? Or did I
simply not wait long enough before refreshing the ticket display page?

I’m trying to get the Resolve link on a ticket’s page to send a reply rather
than a comment, just like ResolveSendsReply on the wiki says:

ResolveSendsReply - Request Tracker Wiki

I feel I’m missing a step.

  1. (essentally) Install RT into /opt/rt3
  2. cd /opt/rt3/local/html
  3. mkdir -p Callbacks/local/Ticket/Elements/Tabs
  • Callbacks doesn’t exist
  1. vi Callbacks/local/Ticket/Elements/Tabs/Default

paste in:


Change the “Resolve” link to reply instead of comment by default.

{ my $resolved = loc ‘Resolve’; while (my ($k, $v) = each %$actions) { if
($v->{title} eq $resolved) { $v->{path} =~ s/Comment/Respond/; } } }


<%args> $actions => undef </%args>

Save and exit.

refresh the ticket page, but I don’t see a change.

Solved it, it seems I had to restart Apache?