Trying to create an "ITIL Change Management" queue

Hi All,

I’m running RT 4.4.1, on BackBox Linux 4.6 (GNU/Linux 4.2.0-42-generic

I’m trying to replace a bespoke ITIL Change Management system that we’re
about to lose access to. The old system was cobbled together on
SalesForce & was essentially a matter of pressing a “New Change” button,
filling out a Change Request form, then submitting it for approval. The
system then forwards the change to the “Technical Approver”, then when
they approve the CR, it goes to the CAB1, then CAB2, then the Customer
Scheduler & finally, back to the requester, as an approved change
request (if you’ve done your homework & satisfied everybody).

I’ve knocked up a change form, purely to show the sort of thing we have
now - it’s non-functional, other than to remind me of what I’m trying to
replace - this is a snapshot of that form:

There are loads of systems that say they’re change management tools, but
they mean inventory/asset/hardware/software change management. I figured
that RT was probably my best bet, as I can install it and see if I can
even get close to what I want. It’s quite the learning curve. I feel
like I don’t really know what to google for, in respect of my desired
functionality (it took me a day of fumbling about, to realise that I had
to log in as root, to see any configuration options - seriously, it made
me feel old sigh

I’ve created some users, some groups, a ChangeQ queue, and some custom
fields, but right now, I’m in the dark as to how/if I can tie them all
together, to get an approximation of the desired system.

Please can you lovely, friendly rt-users let me know if what I’m trying
to achieve, is even possible? I wouldn’t want to bash my head against
the wall for a week, only to find out I’ve wasted my time. If you could
point me towards any resources that might aid my quest, please do!
Please be gentle, this is my first time.

Chris Phillips