Troubles with the Search interface


I’m having troubles using the RT’s Search interface :

When I try the query : Owner.RealName = ‘MyRealName’ I get “Found 0
tickets” (I should normally find some tickets).
(I get the same answear with Owner.RealName LIKE ‘MyRealName’)

But when I use the Name instead of the RealName, I get these tickets :
Owner.RealName = ‘MyName’ => “Found 8 tickets”

And when I use the keyword : LIKE, I don’t get any ticket :
Owner.RealName LIKE ‘MyName’ => “Found 0 tickets”

When I try queries without Owner (with Requestor for example), the
results seem to be good.

Any suggestions?

PS : I use RT v3.4.2 with Apache v1.27 and MySQL

Thanks, Olivier

Hello, Olivier. I can reproduce proble with HEAD.
AFAICS search only works for owner by id,login(Name) and maybe email

Problem is that Owner field is defined as ENUM type in the FIELDS
hash( Requestor, Cc and other watchers has
WATCHERFIELD type. For WATCHERFILED type exteneded search is
implemented, but for ENUM is not.

+1 RT bug, I think this is not hard to fix 1-2 hour, plus 1 hour to
write tests for this case.


Olivier Horec wrote: