Troubles with method 'POST'

Hello all,

I’ve installed RT version 2.0.15 as it’s described into the ‘RT/FM Installation Guide’.
But I have a problem with access to the data which were pass via web form by method ‘POST’.
In this case, I can not retrieve any data from a hash %ARGS or section <%ARGS><%/ARGS>.
If I change form method on ‘GET’ then all are working correct.
Maybe someone has got the same problem and can help me.

Thanks in advance.


Hi all,

I found solution for resolve my problem with method POST.
The problem is in using mod_perl and CGI together.
I found this information in the diffent places of mail list
and I think that will be useful include this patch in the

  1. do following changes in the
    -use HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler (args_method => ‘CGI’);
    +use HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler;

  2. do following changes in the lib/RT/Interface/ sub NewMason11ApacheHandler:
    -args_method => ‘CGI’
    +args_method => ‘mod_perl’

  3. applay a patch to the /lib/RT/Interface/
    [batch]# patch rt2_patch

It will permit to work with mod_perl and CGI together.
Another solution, which I founded, is using FastCGI instead of mod_perl.


Software: Red Hat 8.0, Apache 1.3.23, mod_perl 1.26 and RT 2.0.15

I hope that it will be useful for many users of RT.

Best regards,

rt2_patch (2.14 KB)