Troubles creating MySQL rt2 database user on FreeBSD

Hi all

Creating mysql database rt2.
cp etc/acl.mysql ‘//www/snch/rt2/etc/acl.mysql’
/usr/bin/perl -p -i -e " s’!!DB_TYPE!!’“mysql”‘g;
s’!!DB_HOST!!’“localhost”‘g; s’!!DB_RT_PASS!!’“XXXXXXX”‘g;
s’!!DB_RT_HOST!!’“localhost”‘g; s’!!DB_RT_USER!!’“rt_user”‘g;
s’!!DB_DATABASE!!’“rt2”‘g;" //www/snch/rt2/etc/acl.mysql
bin/initacls.mysql ‘/usr/local’ ‘localhost’ ‘’ ‘root’ ‘XXXXXXXX’ ‘rt2’
Enter the mysql administrator’s database password to create a new user for
ERROR 1044 at line 4: Access denied for user: ‘root@localhost’ to database
Enter the mysql administrator’s database password to nondestructively reload
the database
/usr/bin/perl tools/initdb ‘mysql’ ‘/usr/local’ ‘localhost’ ‘’ ‘rt_user’
‘rt2’ insert
Now populating database schema.
Enter the mysql password for rt_user:

The does not get granted any rights thus the install fails.
The password ist correct. What could cause that problem? I’ve only but
allways had that problem with FreeBSD. On Linux I can perfectly install rt2.

If I create a user manualy as db root connecting to localhost as the script
does, this works perfectly well, but I haven’t found out now what goes wrong
with the install script.

It’s MySQL 3.23.58

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