Trouble replying to ticket in web ui


I’m just getting RT2 setup and I’m having some trouble getting email
sent out from the Web interface. When I send email to rt I do get an
auto reply back but when I try “corresponding/resolving” to a ticket
there is no email sent out. It seems a bit like a scrip problem but I
have setup the scrips as recommended in the manual. Since I do get an
email autoreply back from the initial ticket open I don’t think the
problem is with but I am open to suggestions. The log files
are very empty. Is there a way to increase the debugging level? The
one tricky thing about this installation is that it is installed in
AFS space which makes /usr/local/rt2 readonly. I’ve setup rt to log
to /var/local/rt2 and set MasonDataDir to
/var/local/rt2/WebRT/sessiondata. Is there any other place that needs
write access?

Thanks for any help,

  • Daniel

Daniel Blakeley (N2YEN) Cornell Center for Materials Research E20 Clark Hall