Trouble getting mail to work with RT 3.8 on CentOS 5.5 VM with MSMTP

Hi RT-Users,
I’m having a bit of trouble getting my RT config to work. Initially, MSMTP
was working and sending blank e-mails (they were appearing from “unknown
sender” and the message headers were almost empty). I’m not sure what I did
to break this, but I assure you it was in an attempt to fix something. I am
using mod_perl if this matters (perl version 5.8.8). I have followed all of
the documentation on the bestpractical wiki, and as far as I can tell
everythign seems to be in place. When I create a new ticket I get the
following messages in /var/log/messages:

Jun 30 13:40:09 testbed RT: <> #2/35 - Scrip 3 On
Create Autoreply To Requestors
Jun 30 13:40:09 testbed RTmailer: CALL /usr/local/bin/msmtp -nt --from= -C /opt/rt3/etc/msmtp_wrapper.conf RETURNED 78
Jun 30 13:40:09 testbed RT: <> sent To: (/opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT/Action/
Jun 30 13:40:09 testbed RT: <> #2/35 - Scrip 4 On
Create Notify AdminCcs (/opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT/Action/
Jun 30 13:40:09 testbed RT: <> No recipients found.
Not sending. (/opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT/Interface/
Jun 30 13:40:09 testbed RT: Ticket 2 created in queue ‘General’ by root

This is what I’m getting for output… the line that says “RTmailer: CALL
/usr/local/bin/msmtp” etc has been hacked up a bit as I made some changes to
it trying to get things to work… what I have figured out is that RETURNED
78 is supposed to be a configuration file error. However, when I issue the
same exact command as the same user as RT I am able to send mail. Let me
show you that:

sudo -u apache cat test.txt | ./msmtp_wrapper
This pipes a file to the msmtp_wrapper that is being called and it
successfully sends mail and returns 0. I imagine this is what should be
happening when RT does it.

I’ll include my RT_SiteConfig for reference as well:

vim /etc/request-tracker3.8/

#TIMEZONE – takes the timezone from linux installation.
my $zone = “UTC”;
$zone=’/bin/cat /etc/timezone’
if -f “/etc/timezone”;
chomp $zone;
Set($Timezone, $zone);


Set($rtname, ‘domainrt’);
Set($Organization, ‘’);
Set($CorrespondAddress , ‘’);
Set($CommentAddress , ‘’);


Set($WebPath , “/rt”);
Set($WebBaseURL , “http://testbed/rt”);


Set($DatabaseType, ‘mysql’);
Set($DatabaseHost, ‘localhost’);
Set($DatabasePort, ‘3306’);
Set($DatabaseUser , ‘rt_user’);
Set($DatabasePassword , ‘rt_pass’);
Set($DatabaseName, ‘rt3’);
Set($SendmailPath , “/opt/rt3/etc/msmtp_wrapper”);
Set($MailCommand , “sendmailpipe”);
Set($SendmailArguments, "--from="" -C
Set($OwnerEmail , "");
Set($RTAddressRegexp , "");
Set($OverrideOutgoingMailFrom, {
‘Default’ => "",
‘General’ => "",

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, this has been a bit of a
nightmare for me. Let me know if there is any more information you need from
me. Thanks a lot.