Trigger character or string for having parts of ticket body quoted in RT-5.0.1


After a few tests with different ticket body contents, it is not clear to me what makes RT offer “Show quoted text” and “Hide quoted text” toggles in them. For a reference see Blog — Best Practical Solutions .

It seems at least mail message type quoting where a line begins with ‘>’ activates quoting. A string

— blaa blaa —

also seems to do the trick. In the latter example however, the quoted section of the ticket body is the rest of the ticket body whereas I’d like to be able to say ‘— blaa blaa end —’ or something similar to be able to select what parts of the body can be shown/hidden and what parts are to be always displayed.

The above document states:

Our quote folding is robust enough to understand various quoting disciplines, whether it be top-posting, interleaved, or bottom-posting. You also don't have to stick with > to indicate quotations; RT recognizes many other kinds of quote markers.

Any pointers where these “quote markers” are defined/set? Some javascript file, CSS file?