Transaction Level Custom Fields - Display as Columns in Search Result


When constructing search queries in Query Builder you are able to expose both ticket and transaction level CF’s as search parameters when you first select the queue. You can then also add ticket CF’s to your Display Columns so that they will display in your search and can be exported Feeds->Spreadsheet. However, Transaction Level CF’s do not appear in the Display Columns section.

Is there a way to do this because we need to be able to monitor specific transaction level CF’s and also provide reports on these values?



Since you are looking at ticket results (a ticket each row) in your search results how would you display these transaction custom fields? If you have some method in mind you could make c column map and implement that.

Yes, that’s exactly what was bugging me. Thanks for confirming so I didn’t waste more time pondering a solution.

Watching the RT5 commits, the next version of RT will have transaction query builder!

That just made my day! Got even more excited when I checked out the blog post and saw what else is being added in RT5. Have an awesome weekend!