Transaction has no content

We have had a problem since install that the owner of a ticket does not get
the actual request via email.

Workflow synopsis is: user emails request into RT --> approval ticket
created --> request approved --> perform a jumbo update on custom fields
and stock fields and assign an owner.

The owner gets notified via Global scrip “Owner Change”: On Owner Change,
Notify Owner, Global Template: Owner Change.

Template Owner Change:
RT-Attach-Message: yes


You have been identified as the owner of request [#{$Ticket->id()}], “
{$Ticket->Subject()}”, the text of which appears below.

Please work this request and Reply to this email with the requested
information or with any questions.


The email to the owner contains the url and will contain any attachments
from the original request, but it does not include the text of the original
email request. This forces the owner to work it via the web UI, which we
don’t want and which is a problem for those outside of our intranet (where
RT is located).

Thanks for any help.

Joe Micciche