Transaction based custom fields

I created a custom field associated with only transactions that acts a bit
strange. When I create a new ticket and set the value (selection list), the
custom field works fine, the history will show the transaction and the
custom field as set, or defaulted to no-value. But, when I try to set one
from a reply or comment, the value goes into the database as the number '1’
instead of the string value. The transaction on the ticket reflects this as
well. The record looks like…

4703,32,“RT::Transaction”,29429,0,“Execution Note”,"","","",22,“2005-11-07
15:36:44”,22,“2005-11-07 15:36:44”,1
15:36:44”,22,“2005-11-07 15:36:44”,0

Where “Execution Note” is one of the custom field values on the first line,
and the second line has only a ‘1’. There are only 3 custom field values and
I confirmed that they are correct.

Any ideas/fixes.

Thank you