Tr : RE RE Graph and Dashboards by email

One step further : Lotus Notes won’t accept PNG images, but will show GIF

So for the pie chart to be displayed correctly, the following patch did
the trick :
in /opt/rt3/share/html/Search/Chart
line 191
-my @types = (‘png’ , ‘gif’);
+my @types = (‘gif’ , ‘png’);

but for the tickets relathionship graphs things are harder.

I made some tries on /opt/rt3/share/html/Tickets/Graphs/dhandler lines 71
through 76, by changing png to gif
but the result is not so immediate. On the WebUI, refreshing my browser,
the image alterns between, having a black backgound, not displaying at
all, displaying correctly.
There must be another file to patch…


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07/07/2011 14:47


[rt-users] RE Graph and Dashboards by email

After looking more precicely into the mail headers and format, i notice
that images generated for the graphs have header :
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Type: image/png
Content-Disposition: inline
Content-ID: 131002560331525265433
and are reffered with : <img src=3D"cid:131002560331525265433" />

So probably Lotus Notes is either unable to display PNG images, or won’t
accept inline images (i can’t have any answer from our IT department…)

Is it possible to modify the format of sent image to JPG for example so i
can make a try ? where to start with in the code, RT or external source ?

thank you for any information,


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07/07/2011 09:45


[rt-users] Graph and Dashboards by email

still using RT 3.8.8 :wink:

i have included multiple Queries to a dashboard, including 2 graphs : A
pie chart one , and a tickets relationship one
This dashboard is correctly displaying all my queries (tables & graphs)
inside RT webUI.
But when sending this dashboard on email, the graphs aren’t displayed
(i’ve got a small red box with a cross instead , meaning image not
our mail client is Lotus Notes.
Is it normal ?


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