TnxBatch stage vs ApplicableTransTypes


FYI if ScripCondition has ApplicableTransTypes is not ‘Any’ then
scrips with this condition would be skipped in TxnBatch stage
this is a good thing or a bad thing?
bad :frowning: you can’t use standard conditions easy, like ‘On Resolve’.
Yesterday, tried to write good resolve template that adds right
resolution comment(not last but that was posted exactly with resolve) if
TxnBatch enabled. Now, should use custom condition too.
ApplicableTransTypes useless restriction that breaks flexibility
got it.
you think it’s sensible to fix TxnBatch?
should be deprecated or TxnBatch need another fix.
ApplicableTransTypes should be deprecated you mean?
Each that condition anyway check type of transaction, but ofcause
some users may have 10k of conditions :frowning: so it would be perfomance penalty.
ok, then scrips need another one refactoring, we should select
scrips with conditions applicable to ‘Any’ and to all types of
transactions in batch if it’s TxnBatch stage.
that sounds sane

Fix summary:
Type argument now support comma separated list so in batch stage we
could provide list.
API backward compatible.

				Best regards. Ruslan.

TxnBatch-ApplicableTransTypes.patch (3.14 KB)