Timezone issues (from: laus@suse.cz)

So, having prodded at this a bit, I’m sort of at a loss. At least
postgres and oracle’s date weirdness is controllable on a per-session basis.
I can deal with timezones within the context of an sql session.
Mysql seems to treat the server’s timezone as a server-level config option
that is neither exposed or mutable within a session. Has anyone ever dealt
with this before?

I’m starting to feel like I would have been better off
using seconds-since-the-epoch for all of RT’s date storage.


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I’m fighting this timezone issue:

My box is set to Europe/Prague (so CET comes in use), my MySQL server
is being started with --timezone=CET and config.pm reads $Timezone=‘CET’.
But after sending a mail to RT, RT says it was received 6 hours ago.
Any comments on this ?


Miroslav Laus

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