Timezone issue: configuration in RT_SiteConfig has no effect

Hi everyone,

I am using RT release 3.4.4 on a Linux Debian Sarge server, with Apache
1.3, Mysql 4.0.24 and FastCGI.
The computer timezone is Europe/Paris, as the machine is in France

I am using RT in Venezuela, so my configuration file has the timezone
variable set to America/Caracas, but the system doesn’t use it.

I have checked in the database: MySQL saves the time in GMT, so the system
works fine for the input.
But on my screen, the ticket are always dislayed with the Europe/Paris time.

I have tried to put every timezone posible in my RT_SiteConfig, and then
restarded Apache, but I have never been able to get other time displayed,
only the Europe/Paris time.

If someone has a solution, I would apreciate.

Best regards