Timeout while creating ticket - everything else works

Hello everybody,

one of our privileged users wanted to create a ticket using the web
interface but got only a timeout in the browser after pressing “Create”.
She called me and I tried to create a ticket from my computer and this
worked fine. It also can’t be an issue of rights since I successfully
created a ticket with her account from my place (we are working in
different cities). I thought of network problems too but she could
browse through tickets in RT without any problems. Next time she tried
to create the ticket it didn’t work either.

I checked the rt.log and came up with the following critical error:
[crit]: Apache2::RequestIO::read: (70007) The timeout specified has
expired at (eval 654) line 5 (/opt/rt3/bin/webmux.pl:127)

Does anyone have an idea what could have happened there? Any hints are