Time when creating/change the ticket via mail is wrong in the Ticket

Hello all,

as soon as we answer by mail on a ticket, the time is wrong. When we create a Ticket, or we change something in the ticket over the Dasboard the Time is correct.
As time zone we have ‘Europe/Berlin’ in the RT_SiteConfig.
We use RT in the version 4.4.1 and as web server the NGINX. As Mailservice we have Postfix and the configuration of rt-mailgate.
The Local time on the Server is correct. Sync over NTP is synonymous. In the log files is about all the right time.
Anyone has an idea why this so is?

Here is a screenshot of it:

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Dieter P.

The “Datum:” aka “Date:” line is from the headers of your e-mail. If your e-mail client sends e-mails with time in UTC it shows up like that. That’s correct. It’s the same time…

Thx for the Answer. Yes its the same Time but for some it is GMT +1 and for others GMT +0.

The e-mail client send with the Timezone UTC+01:00. In Logfiles of the Exchange Server is the “Datum” field (Timestape) correct.

Can it be that I forgot something to configure in Postfix?

I doubt that your e-mail client really sends the e-mail with timezone UTC+1. Check your sent mailbox or similar and look into the full headers (e.g. View - Message Source on Thunderbird). Check the Date: header. The client can show the date in any time zone it wants and it may be a different time zone than in the header. For instance, Thunderbird shows the date/time in your current, local timezone. I don’t know how Exchange does this. Possibly, it fakes Date headers on the fly…

If you click on the “Download with headers” link in RT you’ll see the original e-mail received by RT. The Date: there is what your client put into the e-mail…

I’ve included a screenshot below with the header and the data maked.

As you can see your e-mail client in fact adds the Date header in UTC time (+0000). Fix your e-mail client to send e-mails in the correct timezone…