"time to display" wrong - where is delay?

Hi, after optimizing our rt installation with mason caching, hiding
things in the session, query optimizing and so on, I’ve got our average
"time to display" values nice and low (rarely more than 3 seconds).
However the users still aren’t happy, because the numbers don’t reflect
their experience.

My own testing has confirmed that although the page display value might
be 4 seconds, the time it takes to completely fetch the html for the
page (via LWP) is up to 90 seconds! (possibly longer, but I’ve set
certain timeouts at this limit). I think I’ve eliminated the
possibility of a network problem by fetching the pages from the same
machine that’s serving them, and since it’s only fetching html it can’t
be due to image load times. I’m also not rendering the html, just
fetching it.

Naturally I’m looking at our webserver config, and in particular
fastcgi. What I’m hoping someone here can tell me is; what else is
happening between the initialization of $m->{rt_base_time} in the
autohandler and the rendering of the number in /Elements/Footer? Is it
possible my mason caching is slowing something down (something

I appreciate any suggestions!

Paul Boldra