Time Formatting for RT

Here is a small patch for RT so you can change the format of the time output that RT uses… It adds a dependency for POSIX (not sure if RT already uses that or not… :slight_smile: Anyhow, it seems to be working fine here, so I am making it available to the general public, and hopefully it will get into the source… This way you can change your time and date output format to whatever you would like (german, for instance… That one has been requested a FEW times)… The patch sets the format to something like “Wed Nov 28, 2001 10:48:14 AM”… This is different from the default RT setup in that its the americanized AM/PM format :wink: I’m not sure but I think most other countries use the same… Soo, if you want to set your time format to be somethign else, this is the patch for you!


timeformat.diff (1.08 KB)