TicketSQL, QueryBuilder search construction for returning ticketid's which don't have a specifc Requestor.Name

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Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:31 PM
Subject: [rt-users] TicketSQL,QueryBuilder search
construction for returning ticketid’s which don’t have a
specifc Requestor.Name

TicketSQL question when searching on Requestor.Name. I have
reviewed the
Wiki and the RT book but been unable to construct a TicketSQL
statement to
return my requirements.

The QueryBuilder shows the same result set. Is it something
to do with

OS: RHES4, RT: 3.4.5

ticket/100 contains
Requestors: ReqA, ReqB

ticket/101 contains
Requestors: ReqA

rt list -i “Requestor.Name != ‘ReqB’”

What is the TicketSQL construct that would return ticket/101 only ?

Using LIKE, NOT LIKE I’m still unable to return the single ticket.

Alex Strachan

It has to do with how the schema is set up. I ran into the same
problem, and unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a solution other
than refactoring the DB schema. In fact, I filed a bug for this: You’ll see the kind of
queries I am trying to do there. It wasn’t working in any of the 3.4.x
or 3.5.x code. I had thought that something like doing a UNION
somewhere in the query might be the solution, but I hadn’t sat down to
think it through. The problem is getting that into the searchbuilder
code abstractly.

Eric Schultz
United Online