Tickets private to the owner & requestor

I would like any user (say user1) to be able to assign a ticket to any
other user (say user2), but not allow user1 to view all user2’s tickets;
ideally, user1 could view the tickets that he (user1) created and/or
assigned to user2, but not any other ticket owned by user2.
Is that possible?

I thought that this would help:
New Queue: Blah
New Group: BlahUsers
GroupRights for Queue Blah:
BlahUsers get CreateTicket
Requestor gets ShowTicket, ModifyTicket, SeeQueue
Owner gets Show, Own, Modify, etc.

But the members of BlahUsers are not listed in the owner pull-down menu
when creating a ticket. Is there something else I need to grant to the
BlahUsers Group that will enable them to assign any ticket they created
to any member of BlahUsers?

Duncan Hutty
System Administrator, ECE
Carnegie Mellon University

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Changing ownership is a right associated with ModifyTicket, which
requires ShowTicket to be useful.

You could do it with queue rights; give somebody ShowTicket &
ModifyTicket on a Queue (call it “incoming” or something), then they can
assign the owner and move the ticket to a new queue where they do not
have View or Modify rights (call it “in progress” or something).

That’s how we handle our Security incident queue. Anybody can put a
ticket in the queue, but the ability to actually view or modify the
tickets is restricted to the security group.

Rick R.

Duncan Hutty wrote: