Tickets display confusion

I have come across the following ‘weird’ behavior in RT 3.2.2:

Suppose, we have an queue “q1” and user “test”. This user has CreateTicket
right for the q1 queue. Rights ShowTicket, CommentOnTicker and SeeQeueue are
granted to group Requestor.

User test creates an ticket in queue q1.

Now, when the user clocks on q1 (from the list of queues in RT’s home
display), they are told there are 244 tickets in queue q1 (that’s right), but
no tickets are shown on the first display. There is a “Next Page” link, and
when you follow all pages, on the lack page the ticket is displayed.

The ‘weird’ part here is, that it should not tell the user these are 244
tickets in the queue, as that user is not supposed to see those tickets. (same
applies to the list of queues - number of tickets there should also reflect
the user’s rights to see tickets).

When the user sees no tickets on the first page, they may not know that the
ticket may be found hitting the ‘Next Page’ link (then, they also do not know
how many times to hit it).

Has anyone see this? Any ideas where to look at? I haven’t yet studied this
part of the code, but the fix should be obvious.

Best Regards,