Ticket SQL Cache

Is there a caching system from TicketSQL? I have a dashboard that is based on

'Owner = ‘__ CurrentUser__’,

and I am using the ModifySearch callback to allow people to view the dashboard as another user by substituting __ CurrentUser__ in the Query for the other user’s id

$Query =~ s/__ CurrentUser__/$userid/g

from /Dashboards/123/Sales?Search-CurrentUser=fred

Once I’ve viewed the other person’s dashboard, i can nolonger view my own dashboard as me, it always shows fred’s dashboard, even without the Search-CurrentUser argument

There seems to be various cache things in RT, and i thought it might be

Set up defaults for DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::Cachable

sub _CacheConfig {
‘cache_for_sec’ => 30,

but that doesn’t seem to help

after some time, i can see my own tickets again so it seems like it’s cached somewhere for a short while.

any ideas of where to look?

I’d start by printing the query and args that the mason component is working with, it is possible some value is still getting added to the ARGS that results in you seeing ‘freds’ results