Ticket shows up encrypted in GUI

Okay, so it seems that I can send tickets in and out that are properly
encrypted. My issue comes from seeing the ticket itself as being

I turned on debugging and the only red flags I see are these…

[Wed Sep 3 18:28:55 2008] [warning]: gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions
on homedir “/usr/local/rt-3.8.1/var/data/gpg” (/usr/local/rt-3.8.1/

Right now I have the gpg folder and contents owned as apache:apache
and all the files are chmoded 600.

[Wed Sep 3 18:28:55 2008] [error]: gpg: error reading key: secret key
not available (/usr/local/rt-3.8.1/bin/…/lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:2008)

I can only assume the ‘secret key’ is the key that I set in my
RT_SiteConfig.PM which is set properly with looks like this…

Set( %GnuPG,

Do I need to set this somewhere else?