Ticket Search: Total tickets found not what is displayed in details

Running RT 3.0.9. on the Ticket Search page, there are times where the Title will say, for example, “Found 6 tickets” but the details only show 5 or 4 tickets.

I have noticed this happens when tickets are merged - it seems like the total count includes the merged ticket, but the details (the ticket listings) does not show it. I’m guessing the total should not count the merged ticket either.

I’m not sure what other situation can cause this. I’ve been browsing the Listing.html file - there is some code below that gets the ticket count, but I’m not sure how to fix this. Any help?

if ( $session{‘tickets’}->DescribeRestrictions()) {
$ticketcount = $session{tickets}->CountAll();
$title = loc(‘Found [quant,_1,ticket]’, $ticketcount);
} else {
$title = loc(“Find tickets”);