Ticket Numbering Question

I’ve just installed RT 3.0.1 on my system and have one minor issue I’d
like to change before I start using it in production. Currently, the
Subject line contains the string [domain.com #5] and that is the
reference tag for tickets that are created. However, I’d like to change
that to be [QueueName #5] so that if I’ve got multiple queues (which I
don’t right now, but may in the future) then the email subject shows the
ticket as being in that queue rather than in a generic domain. It looks
like the templates currently create that line from the $rtname variable
in the config file. Is there a fairly easy way to switch this to
queue-based rather than a global setting or would that entail a lot of
coding changes? It’s not exactly a show-stopper for me, but if there’s
a solution out there, I’d like to get it fixed now rather than later on
when the fix may break all the existing tickets.

Thanks for your help,