Ticket numbering format

Hi RTDev Team,

Im using RT 4.0.4 and currently now its under testing for implementation. I have some issues to clarify regarding RT and hope you guide or give some suggestions, answers for this.

  1. Can i print/ review all ticket created for hardcopy purposes.
  2. Ticket number needs to be format of YEARMONTHDAYxxxx
    Example: #201707310001 would be the 1st ticket for today.
  3. Is there a possibility for the requestor to have first approval of his/her supervisor before creating a ticket?

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Hope you guide me for this


For 2 You can use https://rt-wiki.bestpractical.com/wiki/SetStartingId.

1 0 * * * postgres [ -x /usr/local/bin/newid ] && /usr/local/bin/newid


id=$(date +%y%m%d0000)
/usr/bin/psql -c "SELECT setval('tickets_id_seq', $id);\q" myrtdb >>/var/log/newid/newid.log 2>&1

hi mkosmach

Sorry but where will i encode this? what part of the configuration?

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It’s not an RT configuration options.
It’s postgresql-specific way to set seq id.

  1. Create file /usr/local/bin/newid
    id=$(date +%y%m%d0000)
    /usr/bin/psql -c “SELECT setval(‘tickets_id_seq’, $id);\q” myrtdb >>/var/log/newid/newid.log 2>&1

  2. Make in executable
    chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/newid

  3. Create file /etc/cron.d/newid:
    1 0 * * * postgres [ -x /usr/local/bin/newid ] && /usr/local/bin/newid

  1. RT 4.0.4 is old. RT 4.0.25 is the current and expected final release of RT 4.0.
  2. You can likely run a scrip that on creation sends a copy of the ticket to the printer. Perhaps an email archive might be better.
  3. Not sure how to achieve.
  4. RT is about working with tickets. Kind of hard to work with something that is not a ticket. Instead of trying to create a new kind of non-ticket object, why not just place all new tickets into a special queue where no action is ever taken. Then when the supervisor approves it, it gets moved out of the holding queue and into an action queue.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your response, its a great help for me to enlighten.


Hi mkosmach

Thanks for the great help, ill check this out.


Did You check Customizing/Approvals?

Hi mkosmach

Not yet, but i will… thank you for your prompt response.