Ticket links revert to RTIR base URL

We’ve been running RT for over a decade as our primary ticketing system and I stood up a small, separate RTIR system a couple of years ago. Both are RT 4.4.4. I’m now looking at moving to 5.x for both and I’m running into a puzzling problem specific to the “RTIR at a glance” interface.

After the first restart of apache, the links generated for tickets in the default searches (most due incidents for example) are correct. But if you click the link to enter the ticket, then go back to the RTIR interface, the link simply points back to the RTIR interface.

Navigating the same tickets in the RT interface does not create this behavior. Here are a couple screen shots to show what I’m talking about:

Correct, first load:

Open the incident ticket, then go back to the RTIR at a glance, and it’s this:

This happens both in CentOS7 and Ubuntu 20.04. Both are running Apache but different versions of perl (5.16.3 and 5.30.0 respectively) and used CPAN to load dependencies (make fixdeps)

No errors generated in the rt or apache logs even with both set to debug.

Anyone have ideas?

Appreciate your thoughts!


Same problem here. No solution yet found.

fwiw, I’ve now reproduced this issue on a freshly built Ubuntu system and simply running rt-server vs using Apache to provide fcgi.

This issue should be fixed in the new beta releases posted today, if you want to test. You can also get a patch to try from the public bug ticket for this issue.