{$Ticket->LastUpdatedByObj->RealName} is one transaction late

Hi all,

I have a template for ticket correspondence containing:


{$Ticket->LastUpdatedByObj->RealName} updated ticket {$Ticket->id}.  

To view the update, please click {$RT::WebURL}Ticket/Display.html?id={$Ticket->id}

This works, but sometimes the RealName of Last Updated By is one transaction late, i.e., the name of the person who updated the ticket before the current update.

I’ve also tried $Ticket->LastUpdatedByObj->EmailAddress;, but it seems to result in the same condition. I’m having trouble troubleshooting this and hoping someone can provide some pointers in fixing this template.

Can you use the Transaction object instead and look at the CreatorObj?

Like this? $Transaction->CreatorObj->Name

Yup that was what I was thinking, did it work?