Ticket history custom fields by CLI

Hi there,
The attachment is my patch against 3.5.5 for setting/retrieving ticket
transaction custom fields by CLI.

The custom fields for transaction will be displayed the same way as for

To set a custom field in a transaction, I use the following syntax:

$ rt comment -f CF-CommentType=“Progress Update” -m “test” 9600

CommentType is the custom field name I defined for ticket transactions.

BTW, you can specify multiple custom fields on the same command line by
just adding any more “-f CF-Name=Value”. Here is an example:

$ rt comment -f CF-Realts=‘2006-2-14 11:47:02’ -f CF-Abc=123 -f
CF-CommentType=“Progress Update” -m “multiple cfs” 9600

Jesse, or any expert, could you review them?

I will be very glad if this patch is accepted by RT.

Thanks very much.

  • Wang

REST-ticket-custom-field.patch (2.12 KB)

rt-history-custom-field.patch (2.2 KB)