Ticket Duplication

We are using Rt 4.0.8 with mysql and sendmail

Our RT tickets are created by our users by sending an email to rt@…

Randomly some of the tickets are duplicating on creation. So far I am
unable to find any pattern in this duplication.

Can some one please guide how to troubleshoot this issue. Which logs should
I be looking at?

Thanks much! I will appreciate all the responses.

I have the same problem in the 5.0.1 release. Fetchmail works fine and marks the messages as read in the mailbox.

I also don’t know how to troubleshoot it. If anyone has any tips, i’ll apreciate this.

@testwreq_wreq how do you handle getting email to the RT server?

@felipe For Fetchmail how are you scheduling the job to grab email?

Hi! Thanks for the reply!
I use the fetchmail daemon to grab the emails from the server.

I spent some time looking at the problem and noticed that it might be some issue with the mail server. RT doesn’t show me any problems in the debug log, neither fetchmail does. I’ll keep watching for a few days more and come back here to show my results.