Ticket dependency actions

New user. I apologize if answer is well known.
Is there any way of :

  1. moving a ticket to a specific (stalled?) state when it is declared
    to be dependent from another one?
    Note: maybe ‘stalled’ is not the right state, because the fact that it
    depends from another one does not imply that no work is being
    done on it. A separate state? “open-waiting”, that could move to
    "stalled-waiting" when no independent work is done any longer
    on the dependent ticket, until the one on which it depends
    is solved?
    Note 2 Desirable: simplified dependency interface: the owner of a
    ticket should be able to issue an update of the form ‘depends
    from other ticket’, suboption ‘create new ticket’/‘select among
    open tickets’.

  2. most important, when a ticket is closed, all the dependent tickets
    should move to ‘open’ state again; or anyhow their owners should be
    notified automatically.
    Is there a way of achieving that?

  3. What’s the intended relation between the various types of dependency:
    depend-parent/children-refers? I’ve not found very much in the

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