Ticket Custom Field order in a new ticket and ticket display?

Hi, I’m running RT 3.4.2 on RHEL4 w/ Apache & FastCGI.

I don’t see anything in the Wiki, the RT book, or in the mailing list
archives on my issue, so here goes.

I’m working with one of our support folks here and their queue has about
30+ custom fields. When I create new custom fields for them they are
shown at the bottom when you click on “Configureation --> Queues -->
Ticket Custom Fields”.

The only thing I’ve seen is that I can pick a link for “move up” and
"move down". I’d like to move the field up 20 places, but it’s rather
tiresome to hit that link, find the field again, repeat as necessary. I
tried modifying the link and replacing the -1 at the end with the number
of space I wanted to move, but that swaps the custom field with the one
that is n places up. I certainly don’t want that.

Is there a way to move the fields around without hitting a link over and
over again?

Paul C.