Ticket creation for disabled RT users

We disabled a user “test1” in RT system as follows.
User “test1” is currently disabled. Edit the user and select “Let this user access RT” to enable.

When the above user is trying to create ticket through email against queue “QA” , he is getting below error.
Couldn’t create ticket from message with commands, fallback to standard mailgate. Error: No permission to create tickets in the queue ‘QA’'

Please advise how disabled user can submit a RT ticket through email ? do we need to add any specific group rights for "EVERYONE’ under Modify global group rights section?

You need to grant the “CreateTicket” right either globally or at the queue level

Thanks for reply. Do we need to set "CreateTicket” right for EVERYONE?

If you want anyone to be able to email in and create a ticket yes, if you want some sub group then you can grant the right to that group. You should also give “ReplyToTicket” to the same group so that they can email back to a ticket they created.

My experience is that ‘disabled’ means NO access to RT. An account would need to not be ‘disabled’ to create a ticket.