Ticket creation fails - sequences borked after exportRT2 (MySQL) toRT3 (Oracle)?

Phil Homewood wrote:

Darren Nickerson wrote:

I’m not certain how many of these look suspicious, but clearly the
TICKETS_SEQ is wrong. So I dropped that sequence, and created a new one
an initial of 4000, well clear of my last ticket. I mailed RT, and this
a ticket was at least partly created! happy dance I got three emails
RT - an autoreply as the creator, a notification of the new ticket as
watcher, and finally a message from RT saying the ticket creation had
failed, even though the previous messages clearly indicated ticket 4000
partly born. One odd thing I did notice … both the autoreply and the
message to the watcher said ‘this ticket has no content’.

At the very least, your Attachments, Transactions and Users
sequence needs updating, too. There will be others. But I
don’t speak Oracle, so I’m not sure of the best way to fix
them all…

Just to let folks know where this ended up, I did have to drop and recreate
a lot of the sequences manually. Basically, if the new sequence was
currently at zero, and the new sequence seemed to relate to one of the
tables in RT2’s schema (as seen from ‘show tables’), then I ran the
following query in MySQL:

Select max(id) from Table;

I used the result, incremented by 1, as the start value for the Oracle
sequence (had to drop and recreate each one manually).

I have a problem with truncated binary attachments now, but I’ll post that
in a new thread.