Ticket Creating via Email

We have a 4.4.4 Rt instance running on centOS7.
Users authenticate through SSO (shib) in order to get their accounts created.
I have one queue ServerAdmin that I’ve created with custom fields one of which is mandatory.
I populated both the Reply and Comment fields of the queue with ServerAdmin@rt.mydomain.com
I’ve created an entry in the aliases file which reads as:

ServerAdmin: "|/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ServerAdmin --action correspond-comment --url https://rt.mydomain.com

Now when I first set this up, it was working fine, but for some reason the server decided to flip from a static IP to DHCP. Once I corrected that, I found that the alias no longer worked. If I try to send an email to ServerAdmin@rt.lakeheadu.ca, I get the following error in the maillog

rt postfix/qmgr: 86BB1B6040: from=user@mydomain.com, size=2800, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
rt postfix/local: 86BB1B6040: to=ServerAdmin@rt.mydomain.com, relay=local, delay=2355, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (temporary failure. Command output: HTTP request failed: 404 Not found. Your webserver logs may have more information or there may be a network problem.

The url https://rt.mydomain.com works fine. Status of both httpd and postfix show as active. Permissions as far as Everyone settings is set to create, comment, view tickets

The test email is obviously sitting in a deferred state as the logs indicate periodically that it attempt to deliver that message on a recurring basis. At a complete loss as to where to look. Nothing error wise in the apache access_log.

I did find a related ticket from 15 years ago in the forum, that apparently never was resolved. I’m hoping not to be in the same company!

From your machine can you can you run:

curl https://rt.mydomain.com/REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway

Make sure the domain matches what you have in your aliases file. Also make sure your aliases are up to date by running newaliases

404 Not Found

Not Fount

The requested URL /REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway was not found on this server


404 Not Found

Not Found

The requested URL /REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway was not found on this server"*

Seems your web server isn’t routing request to the RTs domain correctly?

Can you expand on that a little? The RT portal is obviously accessible, so I’m assuming you’re referring to the rt-mailgate call against that URL? Wouldn’t that be a mailgate issue?

The 404 means that Apache didn’t serve RT, makes me think the domain or port 80/443 may be different than what’s configured?